”Babies are like the raw material for a self. Each one comes with a genetic blueprint and a unique range of possibilities. There is a body programmed to develop in certain ways, but by no means (is it) on automatic programming. The baby is an interactive project, not a self-powered one. The baby human organism has various systems ready to go, but many more that are incomplete and will only develop in response to other human input.
Sue Gerhard

Gordon Neufeld Ph.D

Get Informed

If we don’t understand the issues, we can’t take effective action.

Many of us have a feeling that that something is wrong in education and that reform based on higher standards, improving student achievement tests and a back to basics approach will not fix it. But what exactly is the problem – and what kind ofchange is really needed to encourage innovative thinking, increase the motivation to learn or to help all children reach their full potential as engaged, happy and productive adults?

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