Secondary [should be] the final shift over to project-based learning and allow much more freedom to students on their choice of topics..[students] will learn whom to go to for certain problems...will not be in classrooms much at all anymore ... will have to organize their time properly and meet with peers and facilitators when necessary. Once completed, if done throughly enough, the student will progress to graduation. Using their skills, portfolio and connections, they will then be able to sell themselves and their capabilities to employers or organizations, or advance to university.
Paul Hillsdon , high school student

Heather MacTaggart on Real-life Learning

Mon, 01/28/2008 - 18:02 -- admin

Heather McTaggart discusses the need for authentic learning opportunities for young people.

Featured in this video:
Heather MacTaggart is the Executive Director of [[|Classroom Connections]], a Canadian non-profit educational organization dedicated to optimizing student learning.

The changelearning website project emerged from the collaboration of Heather MacTaggart and John Abbott, the President of the [[|21st Century Learning Initiative]], an initiative to facilitate the emergence of new approaches to learning in the United Kingdom.
Website development has been facilitated by the [[|Canadian Council on Learning]], a national, independent, and non-profit corporation that is committed to improving learning across the country and across all walks of life.

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