Consider the often-heard lament, “some students are just not cut out for school.” The statement passes without question or even a hint of protest, yet think about what the statement says when we replace “school” with what school should be all about: “learning.” Some students are just not cut out for learning? Nobody would dare make the statement. Learning is the hallmark of humanity. We are all cut out for learning. It is what makes us human. If our students are “not cut out for school”, perhaps we have made the mold too narrow or inflexible, or more likely, just not meaningful enough to inspire a student to fit in.
Michael Wesch

Building Knowledge, Not Accumulating Facts: John Abbott Speaks

Thu, 01/31/2008 - 12:25 -- admin
John Abbott discusses the theory of constructivism in learning.

Featured in this video:
John Abbott is the President of the [[|21st Century Learning Initiative]], an initiative to facilitate the emergence of new approaches to learning in the United Kingdom.

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